Sex is undeniably pleasurable. In fact, the sense and level of satisfaction therein are just incredible! However, this information is considered harmful by many today (especially parents) in an attempt to ‘protect’ their children. The believe that the only way to keep teenagers safe from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is to either keep silent about the subject matter (sex) or make them believe the opposite ( which may sound something like; sex is far from pleasurable, dangerous and should be kept away from). This falsehood has done more harm than good in our society because, in the end, these kids find themselves the truth, realise they have been wrongly informed regarding the pleasures of sex and as a result, launch uncontrollably into the action and thrill without proper guidance. How better it would be if parents would take it upon themselves to enlighten their children and other teenagers around them the undiluted and complete truth about sex. It is not promiscuous to discuss this matter with your kids and other teenagers you might be privileged to meet because this knowledge would set them free from the bondage of ignorance which has the power to destroy because of abuse. A lot of teenagers today are caught in the web of regrets because they were never educated on the subject of sex. Just consider how amazing your sex life might have been if you had the right guidance from the onset. Well, it not too late because though you probably missed out on the education while growing up, now is the time to take it upon yourself to educate as many as you can to keep them from falling victims of the same things that then confronted you. Confused about how to start? You should talk to this fantastic North brook Escorts and Washington DC Escorts. Many teenagers can only confide in their friends on sex matters because at home it is forbidden to raise such questions. Nevertheless, the longer these issues stay unanswered, the more tempted they are to find these answers on their own. Though, it is said to experience is the best teacher yet experience has taught many, lessons so harsh they wish they never ventured to find. I believe, parents should be the first tutors of sex to their children. These kids need to know the dos and don’ts of sex if they are to survive the world out there. They need to know that sex is not just pleasurable, it is in fact, fundamental to our very existence. This error of shying away from the topic of sex is not only evident in the home but also in schools and places of worship. Schools do not find the need to include sex education in their syllabus, preachers do not consider it fit for their sermons, and as a result, the kid is left alone; kept in absolute darkness about sex. I believe there will be fewer abortions and infected persons if the right knowledge about sex and how to stay protected is passed onto these kids at an early stage.


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